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    Rav Milim Dictionary Online

    Nachschlagewerke / Wörterbücher

    Rav-Milim is the leading full-fledged Hebrew dictionary on the web. It contains morphological analysis for every word in Hebrew dissecting even the most complex forms into simple elements. The dictionary includes 70,000 main entries covering all strata and styles of language (colloquial, historical, technical, slang etc.), each with all of its inflectional forms, with clear explanations, sources and usage examples. Besides bi-directional Hebrew-English translation Rav-Milim offers many additional features.

    Rav-Milim contains a full thesaurus with tens of thousands of synonyms, for all relevant entries in the dictionary and a dictionary of idioms and phrases, including explanations as to the meaning of the saying.

    It  is constantly updated, ensuring that all new words authorized by the academy of the Hebrew language, as well as all the latest technological and professional innovations, from a vast array of fields, will always be found in the dictionary.